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 Strange Place

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PostSubject: Strange Place   Strange Place I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2008 1:20 am

Ryuk was kneeling atop a building looking down at the people passing by. He was using his enhanced senses to track down anything worth the hunt. His eyes went from one human to another. Ryuk sniffed the air and caught the scent of a familiar smell, it was a vampire...actually several vampires. Ryuk was still scanning the area until a group of humans noticed him and formed a poor excuse for a mob. Mothers grabbed their children rushing them into cars or houses. Fathers and husbands pushing their families indoors as all eyes turned to Ryuk. Ryuk was used to the foul looks, before they used to cause him pain, but now all it did was make him smile. The mob was getting bigger and bigger as people drew rocks and guns, they began throwing the rocks up at Ryuk, missing quite miserably. Ryuk was already bored with the large crowd and started to run across the roof of the building with the mob following and ground floor. Ryuk looked down to them and became irritated and jumped into the middle of the mob, growling loudly. The crowd become trembling with fear and started to back off, one by one the left leaving Ryuk there alone and nearly out of breath because of all that growling. "That's right...Go on....Run...Hide...", Ryuk turned to leave only feeling more rage and even more of an urge to go hunting.
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Strange Place
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