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 Zach Renard

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Zachary Renard

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PostSubject: Zach Renard   Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:16 pm

Name: Zachary Morris Renard (Zach for short, obviously).

Age: 18.

Race: Human.

Physical Appearance: Zach has light blond hair that he wears in a ponytail at the back. At the front, his hair parts at the center, turning into "curtains" which cover his eyes. When not in the usual ponytail, Zach' hair hangs halfway down his back. His eyes are a very deep blue that, when you look into them, seem to peer into your soul. His skin is fairly normal in color, yet during the night, it seems to turn pale. Zach' arms seem somewhat stick-like at first glance, but make no mistake, they do what he needs them to do. At about the waist area, he's generally thin yet muscular at the same time. Zach measures up to about 6 feet and weighs in at 180 lbs. He wears a blank dark blue t-shirt that has multiple holes in it. A belt with little notches to hold daggers and other weapons is worn over the shirt. Below his waist, Zach wears a pair of badly-worn blue jeans with holes in the knees that has a chain with a vial containing a blue-ish liquid (Presumably holy water) hanging off one of the pant's belt loops, followed by a pair of jet black steel toed boots that are both tied and strapped to keep them from slipping off. Over the shirt and the belt, he wears a black leather jacket with white leather pauldrons attached to the shoulders. Around his neck, Zach wears a pendant with a tear-shaped ruby dangling off it.

Phased Appearance: None.

Personality: Zach is a fairly likable person. When he hasn't met someone, he usually introduces himself in a polite manner and asks who the person is before starting a totally random conversation. But when he runs into a vampire, he tends to stay silent to avoid any problems. But after awhile, he starts talking like normal. The same goes for people he knows. But he can be blinded by family rivalries, pure rage, and the like. And when that happens, its best that he's left alone.

Special Abilities: None yet.

Fighting Style: Since Zach' main weapon of choice is a whip, his fighting style consists of quick attacks that can be strung together to rack up the wounds inflicted on his opponent. Depending on the situation, however, Zach might resort to other weapons, such as swords, or hand to hand combat.

History: Zach was born into a long family line of vampire hunters. But for some reason, this profession never appealed to him. He always seemed sort of… fascinated by vampires. He even had a few friends who were vampires. Unfortunately, that didn’t help Zach much with his already huge family problems. You see, his father wasn’t really that enthusiastic about having a son that wouldn’t become a vampire hunter, and his mother wasn’t too happy about this either. His brothers and sisters, however, encouraged this. They figured that trying to change his views wouldn’t work, and that if he didn’t want to become a hunter, then he shouldn’t have to.

But all that support from his siblings didn’t help, and Zach just decided to leave. When he was around 17, Zach packed up some food, clothes, a bullwhip from his father’s armory, a sword, and other miscellaneous items and left his house. Eventually, Zach stumbled upon a middle-aged man fighting with a vampire. Naturally, Zach pulled his whip out to disarm the man, only to attract the vampire’s attention. The man then lunged for the vampire and stabbed it square in the heart, killing it. Zach disapproved of the slaying, but the mysterious hunter just retorted with the words “He attacked me, so I attacked him. That’s survival for ya, kid…” These words left Zach speechless, making him realize that there was still much for him to learn about the world he lived in. Over the next year, Zach had become a renowned “hunter”, but what most people didn’t know about his methods is that he only drew his weapon when provoked, never before that…

(Yeah. History really isn't that good... But meh, hopefully it'll make the grade. Might add more later as time goes by.)
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PostSubject: Re: Zach Renard   Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:29 pm

Good job. Approved.
Oh and your history is just fine. Don't worry about adding more.

Without order nothing can exist - without chaos nothing can evolve.
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Zach Renard
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