Vampires, werewolves, magic, and war; what more could a person want?
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 The Approaching Shadow [Open for Everyone]

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Muenco Lou

Muenco Lou

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PostSubject: The Approaching Shadow [Open for Everyone]   The Approaching Shadow [Open for Everyone] I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 11, 2008 11:59 pm

Lou throwed himself inside the small back alley and landed in a puddle of water before standing up and hiding behind a trashcan. "Damn, that vampire!" Lou said to himself while the other part of him; Muenco woke up to the terrible smell of garbage. "What the hell?" Muenco was yelling to Lou. "Quiet, it's a vampire around that corner, he's pretty strong, and he gave me this bloody wound!" Lou answered and opened the shirt. "Why didn't you tell me? I want some fun too!" Muenco laughed and stood up. "What are you doing, he can see us now, get us back down!" Lou was whispering stressed. "What's the problem, can't move?" Muenco teased Lou and took one by one step towards the corner. Lou was terrified and finally let Muenco do his things. When Lou let Muenco steer, they went from step by step to right around the corner in a second. Muenco slided out from the alley in the puddle of water, stopped, looked up and saw right into the eyes of the vampire and screamed to him; "I want you fried!"

The color of his eyes changed to dark red and the hair of his stood ninety degrees. "Are you insulting me?" the vampire asked. "Will you be fried if i did?" Muenco asked back while smiling and laughing with a low voice. Muenco drawed his Tomoshibi, and the vampire jumped towards Muenco with his fist ready to launch into the stomach of him. But Muenco was to fast, he dodged the punch and was about to chop his hand of from the side. The vampire noticed it and took back his hand fast so the chop missed. "Ha! You've got to be faster then that!" the vampire said with a calm voice. "Then look at your hand, it isn't there!" Muenco sayed fast and loud. "What?!" the vampire reacted and looked down on his hand. The hand was find and when he was about to look at Muenco, the Tomoshibi was trough the chest, and he died slowly while looking into the evil eyes of Muenco.

"Is he gone?" Lou woke up and said. "Yeah, wasn't so hard..." Muenco answered by a deep and calmly voice. Muenco Lou walked now down one of the main streets in London and Lou told Muenco; "We're being followed..." and Muenco didn't react, but took his hand to Tomoshibi and asked Lou; "Is it a vampire..." and he took the hand over to Kuro; "or an immortal?" and Lou answered with an cold and afraid voice; "I don't know, but it's approaching!"

Muenco Lou stopped up and turned around, just to see a bastard. He asked the man; "Why are you following us?!" and the man didn't answer. "Do i have to kill you?" he asked with a louder voice while taking both hands on each of his scimitars. "Show yourself!"

OOC: Send a PM if i'm not answering in 24 hours after your post. I will write when i will write, and everybody can join, even in the middle of the topic, but only if the timing is correct.
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The Approaching Shadow [Open for Everyone]
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