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 Prince's Katana

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Erido Kamechi


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PostSubject: Prince's Katana   Tue Nov 04, 2008 3:12 am

Name:Prince's Katana
Weapon Type:Sword
What It Is:A Katana, From the old Vampire Mountain Which only the strongest can travel too, Since the high cliffs, and Mile stretch journey across the world, Make the weapon so Valueble and hard to obtain.
Damage It Deals:A Sword With Advanced Hands Layed on it before, The weapon can be very weak, or very lethal depending on the weilder, But in this case....Its Deadly....Hehehe
Physical Appearance (Pictures Optional):Has a black laced handle, With Diamond Sockets inside, The main part is a bright sliver outlined with a black strip of Stained metal, But if you look closely it reveals its blood stains from previous battles.
History of The Weapon:
The weapons was founded by The Princes only used in occasion, Used to battle certain enemies, But never on Traitors. The weapon previous fought a good amount of battles, But remained in perfect condition. Perhaps the Vampire gods protected the sword for generations to come, Or just perhaps the luck of the vampires was on the weilders side.

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PostSubject: Re: Prince's Katana   Tue Nov 04, 2008 3:26 am

Looks fine to me,

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Prince's Katana
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