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 The Races...

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PostSubject: The Races...   The Races... I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 03, 2008 2:09 am

These are the races that you can be. Please pick only one, though if you have a reason, then two.
Quote :

Post Count 50+

Flitting-To run at untracable speeds, Around 200-350 Mph

Post Count 100+

Super Strength-Super Damage Hits, Adds on +10 Damage to any attack

Super Jumps- Enables A Jump Possibly to reach lengths of 20 feet
(Roll three dice, It higher then 10 you get to dodge a incoming attack)

Blooding-Enable you to turn a Human into a Half Vampire Or Full Vampire

Post Count 500+

Vicious Memory's-The
User starts to think about previous memories which drives him mad, His
damage is increased to +100 Each hit, But down fall is he doesnt know
friends Between Foes.

Post Count 50+

Fury Swipe-User hits three times in a row, Cannot use the skill again for 5 posts(Of Your Own)

Post Count 100+

Hatred Mode-The werewolf now is able to roll a dice for any attack incoming toward him, and if he rolls higher then a four he dodges it.
Full Strength-
The Werewolf, Takes his right arm and focus's all his rage into it, he
would lash it forward at the enemy,Damaging for 100, The Victim May
roll two dice, If suming over 8 They dodge it and the damage goes to
the Werewolf.

Post Count 500+
Final Bout-The
user digs his/her claws into the ground forcing all power into its hind
feet, him/her would jump forward flying at the enemy, Victim Must roll
two dice, If the roll equals 4,8, or 11 they dodge it. When the
werewolf hits he damages the foe for 1000, And killing him/herself in
the process.

Post Count 50+
Time Shards-
The Immortal is able to make Time Shards around him/her, They can be
used to heal 35 HP, But the user may only use this skill per 5 posts,
(Can only Make 2 Per 5 Posts)

Post Count 100+
Teleport Kick-The User will disappear and appear above the victim sending a rapid kick to the head, Damage is 50
Of the Immortals
- The user will summon a sword to his right hand, It
will be binded with him for 5 posts, Each strike to the enemy it does
50 Damage, But Cannot be used for the rest of the battle, user must
roll two dice, If higher then a 9 he will be able to strike.

Post Count 500+
Immortal Flash-
The user will place his hands together and chant the sacred words of
there people~Scre Truet Axert gneoiced~ A Flash would then emite from
the user, After the flash disappears the victim would be trapped in
countless Ropes of pure light, The victim cannot get out for 4 posts.


Post Count 50+

Fire Burst-
The user Emmits a small flame from his hands, Which expands quickly,
He/she would throw it at the victim, as it hits the target it engulfs
him/her and burns him over time. 30 Damage, +5 Burn for each post, Burn
lasts for 3 post, and the user cannot use it again for 4 posts.

Post Count 100+

Blizzard Genocide-
The user will raise his/her hands above there head and focus there
energy into the sky, Forcing clouds to form and the temperature to
lessen. A Stream of Ice and Snow will come from the sky and slam right
into the enemy. 50+ Damage, And Freeze for 2 posts, Cannot use again
for 4 posts

Arcane Flash- The user will place
on hand forward emmiting a small ball of electric which he/she would
fire at the enemy, Slamming into him/her damaging them for 40+ Damage,
also +10 Shock Damage, Which stays on for 2 more post. Cannot use again
for 5 posts.

Post Count 500+

Summoning Circle-
The user must have 2 other Witches by his/her side, They then form a
triangle and place one hand forward forcing all energy into the center
of the triangle, Making a small portal which the targeted person will
be summoned to them. Cannot use again for 10 posts

Post Count 50+

Gun Specailty-The Human Race is enabled to be specailized in any type of gun which adds +10 Damage to any Projectile weapon.

Post Count 100+
Human is enabled to have very skilled combat, Not good as other races
but they are able to keep up.Roll one dice if it is a 3 or a 6 they are
able to dodge the attack.
Multi-Spring Kick-The
user jumps up in the air, and kicks his legs back and forth at the
victim, Sending 3 kicks at his chest, Doing 20 Damage per kick. Cannot
Use again for 3 posts
Speed Punch- The Users
speed at punching Increase by 50%(150% in all) So the user is enabled
to attack twice in one post, Damaging for 50 Each hit.Lasts for 2
posts, And Cannot use for 3 post after the effect.

Post Count 500+
Emotional Call-The
Humanly Flaw called emotions kick in for one last fight, If the user
has died, Or is below 10 health he will be reborned/healed to 50% of
his full health. His damage is increased by 100 For each attack, But
damage dealt to the user is increased by 50.
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The Races...
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