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 the hunters

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PostSubject: the hunters   the hunters I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 23, 2009 12:20 pm

it was exactly 11 o clock when a shotgun went off with a loud bang and a man fell to the ground dead as four men laughed at the dead werewolf. "comeon boys lets ride"
as all 4 got inot a car and drove off not knowing the danger that was stalking them.
THUD! "Whats that" one man said as a man was ontop of their car in front of the windsheild blinding them "OH GOD WERE GOING TO......" and the crashed their car into a abandoned warehouse with the driver with broken knee caos as the three others left him and were smart enugh to stay toghter. a creek was hear underneth them as no one had a clue wat was going on as suddenley a arm shot up from under the floor (they were on the second floor)
and a voice said "welcome to hell" as a man screamed for his life as another with a machine gun shot inot the hole missing the vampire but killing his friend "did you hit..." one man asked "mackie yeah" replied the other. quickley a web sht out of the hole ensnarleing the man who shot into the hle and pulled him in as another scream was heard as the last one finnally lost it as baki played the shadows leting the man come to him.

"there are three working postins from this angle" baki though in his head "two dismarms with minamal contact the other......" baki though trailing away as his kick planted succesfull on the mans chest "HURTS!!!!!!" baki screamed as the man laided gasping on the ground. baki spat on his face left the warehouse as the clock stroke midnight and only a single scream peirces the silent night. baki sat in a alley alone once more he looked up and saw it.

crawling with ancient grace,untouched by fear,love,hate, or sorrow,it is the most noblest of creatures, it wont retreat like its brothers and sisters, its eyes fell like there burning into my soul. the spider makes a perfet web and traps a fly in it eating it while baki smiled as the all of his pets returned from their midnight snack. he sat their alone but not alone fr he was surronded by minions of the dark obeying is every order. waiting,wacthing, lusting,......for rengence.
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the hunters
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