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 Mask [WIP]

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PostSubject: Mask [WIP]   Mask [WIP] I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 5:37 am

Name: Though his true name has never been revealed, he is simply known as 'Mask.'

Age: Whilst unknown, it is believed to be longer than any other being alive today.

Race: He is believed to be a Werewolf, on the account that he can phase.

Physical Appearance: Whilst a human, Mask gives the appearance of a crude noble. At times, he can seem like the best-looking person you have ever met, but the next second, you wish you never saw him in the first place. This really goes to his personality, but as for basic human clothes, that is a different story. One could guess that he is about six feet tall, but that is not positive. The same thing goes for his weight; one could never know unless they actually checked. Upon his face, of course, he wears a mask. Though only covering his eyes, it is enchanted to make it much stronger than it appears. He is tanned well and evenly, that making his skin an olive tone. He wears a light black jacket that, just like his friend Kai, is specially made to never "rip" then he phases into a werewolf. Under this jacket is a white shirt, fitted to his body to show the muscles underneath it. His jeans, laced with a 'shredded" belt, are also black. A match to his jacket. All of his clothes are custom made, so no one can even tell what brand they would be designed after.

Phased Appearance: When phasing into a Werewolf, Mask gives an appearance very different than Kai. The first thing to be noted about him is that Mask does not have silver fur. Instead, he has the normal, brown fur. This causes no complication as to the Alpha Male, because of the rest of his appearance. His eyes are a golden liquid in color, almost flowing when he is phased. His claws are biased to be a cyan color, matching the crystal-like formations on his hand. Both hands, and even his back give off a strange aura; one not matching any other. His teeth, much like a vampire, have double the abilities and numbers of the incisor tooth. This is because werewolves, like Vampires, are hunters in that they rip off their target's flesh with their own teeth. Much like the claws on his hands, his "toes" are also cyan.


Special Abilities:

Fighting Style:

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Mask [WIP]
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