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 Vlad Sonho - Vampire

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PostSubject: Vlad Sonho - Vampire   Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:57 am

Name: Vlad Sonho
Age: 112
Race: Vampire
Physical Appearance: Looks around 17. He usually wears a red sweater tat zips down to the chest. He normally wears blue jeans. He has spiky brown hair with green eyes that turn yellow when gone without feeding for a while. His skin is pale and he is around 6 foot 1 inch. When he goes without drinking his eyes change yellow and he gains purple bruises on his face. His fangs are not permanent and will shrink when not fueled by hunger or anger.
Personality: Very ruthless, he is very impatient and objective. He shows no mercy and obeys orders in the blink of an eye. He is very smart and may seem like a machine of war at first sight but has a human side that he uses to control his thoughts and balance them out, though not many people have seen it.
Special Abilities: Vlad can hover if he concentrates and also turn into dark animals like a wolf or a bat. Also, Vlad can start fires with only his mind and sometimes hypnotize humans for a short period of time. The last ability is he is able to blend in and become invisible if he is very still.
Fighting Style: Vlad usually takes advantage of speed and stealth, striking from the shadows. He uses his fangs and his hands to restrict movement.
History: Vlad was 17 when it happened. He was born to a family in middle class. He was raised by his father and his sister because his mother died giving birth to him. When he was turned into a vampire, his attacker was also attacking others. His attacker also turned his sister into a vampire but sucked all of his father's and girlfriend's blood so they died. After that he and his sister stuck together for about 100 years but was then separated. He searches for his sister now while trying to avoid humans and vampire hunters.
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PostSubject: Re: Vlad Sonho - Vampire   Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:20 pm

You're probably gonna want to make actual skills for a few of those abilities before using them in an RP--people generally don't like it if a member can do too much too easily.

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Vlad Sonho - Vampire
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