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 Character Template

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Character Bio
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PostSubject: Character Template   Character Template I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 03, 2008 2:05 am

~Copy and Paste this template into a New Topic with your character's name as the subject~

Name: (Name your character)
Age: (How old is your character? Different Races would ahve different ages, so be careful)
Race: (What is the race of your character?)
Physical Appearance: (This does not have to be super descriptive, but the mroe effort you put into this the more chance you have of getting it approved)
Phased Appearance: (Only worry about this if you are a werewolf)
Personality: (How does your character act towards others he/she does not know? To people he/she does know?)
Special Abilities: (Not required, but possible)
Fighting Style: (Make on up. I'm not spending three hours to make up a few examples.)
History: (Once again, does not have to be long and drawn out. However, the long it is the more chance you have at approval.)
[b]Physical Appearance:[/b]
[b]Phased Appearance:[/b] (Only worry about this if you are a werewolf)
[b]Special Abilities:[/b]
[b]Fighting Style:[/b]
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Character Template
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